Auditing the process

Public Appointments Advisers don’t oversee every aspect of the Scottish Government’s public appointment activities. Oversight levels vary from round to round depending on a range of factors that are set out in the guidance on application of the Code. In some cases, Adviser oversight might be at the pre-planning stage of an appointment round only. In other cases the PAA acts as a full panel member for the whole appointment round. We use audits and thematic reviews to find out if the Code is complied with when advisers aren’t involved.

The first audit of the public appointments process under the 2006 Code was conducted by a firm of auditors. The report by those auditors led us to conclude that we could achieve the same levels of regulatory oversight at a lower cost by taking this work in-house.

The reviews we carry out are now therefore managed by our Public Appointments Manager and members of our team of Advisers.


The most recent thematic review was a follow up to a prior review on the Scottish Government's lessons learned process. It also looked at the effectiveness of Scottish Government succession planning. The report on the review is available here:

Reports on previous thematic reviews are also available on this website. The reports we produce  are intended to assist the Scottish Government to comply with the Code and to improve on its appointment practices.

The Publications section, as well as including audit and review reports, includes good practice case studies.