A New Code of Practice - 2013

Following a period of significant consultation the Commissioner has published a revised Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies in Scotland. The new code came into force from 1 October 2013.

A report analysing the consultation exercise that led to the final version of the 2013 code and the many valuable responses we received may also be downloaded from this website as can the guidance published to accompany the Code's introduction. This guidance was superseded with an updated version published in January 2016.


Development of the 2013 code of practice

The 2013 Code of Practice further developed a range of changes introduced by the 2011 Code of Practice. Its development has been informed by the views of stakeholders on which aspects of the Code were improving progress with the appointments process and which were not.

In 2010 the Commissioner consulted on a proposed revised Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies in Scotland.

The 2011 version of the Code incorporated changes recommended by Diversity Delivers and elements of the guidance produced on the 2006 Code's application.

Consultees were invited to participate in the consultation exercise on the proposed revised code by completing the accompanying questionnaire.

The Commissioner also held a series of consultation events for the Chairs of public bodies to gather their views on the proposals for change. We have produced a report on these events.

The views expressed by the Chairs, as well as the views of all consultees who responded in writing, were taken into account by the Commissioner in the production of the final version of the 2011 Code.

The consultation period ended on 15 October 2010.



To produce the consultation version of the Code, we held pre-consultation events with the Chairs of regulated public bodies and with the Scottish Government's Senior Civil Servants to ensure that we could incorporate the views of these key stakeholders into our proposals for change. You can download a copy of our notes on these pre-consultation events from the links below:

views of Chairs on the proposals for change.

views of Senior Civil Servants on the proposals for change.



A new Code of Practice


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2013 Code

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consultation analysis report.