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OCPAS Annual Report 2010-11

Published 09 Sep 2011

OCPAS's final annual report was published on 9 September 2011. The report describes our role, our work during the year and our plans for the future as part of the Commission for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland.

OCPAS Annual Report 2009-10

Published 17 Dec 2010

This annual report summarises the work carried out by OCPAS during our sixth year of operation. It describes our role, our work during the year and our impact. It contains news about the progress made in implementing Diversity Delivers, the first equal opportunities strategy for ministerial public appointments. It also describes progress towards a new Code of Practice for ministerial appointments to Scotland’s public bodies.

OCPAS Annual Report 2008-09

Published 09 Oct 2009

OCPAS Annual Report 2007-08

Published 22 Aug 2008

OCPAS Annual Report 2006-07

Published 21 Aug 2007

OCPAS Annual Report 2005-06

Published 09 Oct 2006

OCPAS Annual Report 2004-05

Published 11 Jan 2006