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Featured Publications:

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde - good practice in Planning, Attraction and Assessment

Published 15 Jul 2016

This appointment round built on the lessons learned and the innovative approaches taken on previous health board rounds. In particular, it demonstrates the value of community engagement as part of the public appointments process.

Diversity Calendar Handbook

Published 04 Jul 2016

This is the SHAP diversity calendar handbook.

SHAP Diversity Calendar July - Dec 2016

Published 04 Jul 2016

The diversity calendar should be read in conjunction with the SHAP handbook.

sportscotland chair appointment round - good practice in planning and assessment

Published 06 Jun 2016

This report summarises an exercise in planning and assessment. It discusses how the competency framework trialled on the Creative Scotland pilot appointment round was adapted specifically for a chair appointment round. It also refers to the high quality of early engagement with the minister to ensure that the panel knew precisely what would be required of a successful chair for the board.

Good Practice in Planning and Assessment - The Scottlsh Funding Council

Published 31 Mar 2016

This report summarises an exercise in planning and assessment based on an effective analysis of board needs. In this case, the needs of the board were clearly identified by reference to the body's new strategic plan.

PAA Records Management Statement

Published 10 Feb 2016

This document outlines the Commissioner's expectations for the appropriate management of records by the Public Appointments Advisers (PAAs).

Revised Guidance on Application of the 2013 Code of Practice

Published 19 Jan 2016

This guidance updates and replaces the original statutory guidance of October 2013 that was introduced to coincide with publication of the 2013 Code of Practice. It incorporates the Commissioner's guidance on "merit and most able", issued in Augurst 2014, and includes a number of additional changes intended to enhance the operation of the public appointments process. The revised guidance is effective from 25 January 2016.

Visitscotland - good practice in attraction and assessment

Published 14 Jan 2016

This appointment round carried forward lessons learned from the Creative Scotland pilot appointment round in terms of assessment using the competency framework. It also employed an attraction strategy used for appointments to other enterprise bodies by working in partnership with Changing the Chemistry to attract women to apply for the roles as this group was underrepresented on the board.

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