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Featured Publications:

2013 Applicant Research

Published 08 Apr 2014

In 2013 we undertook our second applicant research study. This built on the results received in 2012 and has helped to identify areas in which the applicant experience has improved, and areas which could benefit from further consideration. The research is fully supported by the Scottish Government who have committed to considering the data provided to make improvements to the applicant experience. We are grateful to those who provided time and effort giving invaluable feedback which formed the basis of the findings.

Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland - effective attraction and assessment 2013

Published 03 Dec 2013

This example was from a recent appointment round that worked well. The advertising used was targeted to attract applications from applicants with a disability and the selection process itself was comparatively more accessible with simple and clearly expressed criteria for selection.

Effective planning and assessment - Orkney NHS 2010

Published 15 Nov 2013

An example of an approach to an appointment round that worked well. In this case there were very few essential criteria and one was very focused on the needs of the board and the particular position that had to be filled.

Effective attraction and assessment - Grampian NHS 2010

Published 15 Nov 2013

This example was from a pilot appointment round that worked well. The advertising used multiple channels and the pack and application and assessment methods were comparatively much more accessible. The combination of these approaches led to a much more diverse pool of applicants, many of whom hadn't considered applying previously.

Effective attraction and assessment - Tayside NHS 2011

Published 15 Nov 2013

This is an example of a slightly different approach to attraction and assessment for a health board round. The chair of the board used social media to encourage applications, particularly from younger people, and the use of a board paper proved to be a good test of relevant skills.


Published 30 Sep 2013

The Commissioner has published a revised Code of Practice in terms of section 2 (3) of the Public Appointments and Public Bodies etc. (Scotland) Act 2003. The revised Code comes into force on 1 October 2013. It is accompanied by guidance which may also be downloaded from our website.


Published 30 Sep 2013

This guidance is issued by the Commissioner in terms of section 2 (6) of the Public Appointments and Public Bodies etc. (Scotland) Act 2003. It is intended to assist in the understanding and implementation of the 2013 Code of Practice.

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