Frequently Asked Questions

I have convictions for motoring offences. Will they affect my application?

Not necessarily. Application forms for some public appointments might ask you about certain convictions, but these may or may not include motoring convictions. Most convictions become “spent” after a certain period of time (under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974), after which you no longer have to declare them when asked. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule, for example, if you applied for an appointment which would bring you into contact with children or other vulnerable groups. In these cases all previous convictions, spent or unspent, would be relevant to assessing your suitability for the post. If you are required to provide Disclosure information (information provided by Disclosure Scotland about an applicant’s criminal history) at any stage in the application process, this will be made clear in the application pack.


Even if you do have motoring convictions, or any others, to declare, they won’t necessarily prevent you from being appointed. It will depend entirely on whether the nature of the conviction(s) makes it inappropriate for you to be appointed to the position in question.