Education and Experience

For updates on this work please refer to the Making Progress section.


The Vision

A programme of support for our future leaders, developing and providing opportunities for all to achieve their full potential and for Scotland to draw upon its brightest talent.


The Objectives

• Provide relevant, effective and easily accessed development opportunities for the next generation of board members.

• Provide a pool of potential board members with the necessary expertise and experience, whose members reflect the diversity of the people of Scotland.

The Rationale

• Casting a wider net to look for ready-made board members will certainly broaden the field, but it will not address the challenges that exist in reaching the point of readiness to serve on a public board.

• We must therefore develop people’s governance skills from a much earlier stage, providing the bridge from having potential to realising it.

• In doing so, we will

> provide a fresh source of volunteers for charity boards, parent councils and more

> create a governance and leadership skills base for the benefit of the private, voluntary and public sectors

> foster a new generation of potential public appointees.

Recommended Actions – In summary


Provide an education programme for members of the public explaining the work of non-executive board members of public bodies.


Provide workshops on how to apply for board positions.


Pilot the use of training positions on the boards of public bodies.


Co-ordinate the many existing opportunities for developing leadership potential in Scotland. Signpost people towards these opportunities from the hub website.


For updates on this work please refer to the Making Progress section.

Education and Experience