Confidence and Capacity

For updates on this work please refer to the Making Progress section.

The Vision

An appointments system that inspires confidence, increases capacity and embraces diversity, from the application process to the boardroom.

The Objectives

• Ensure the public appointments process is encouraging, accessible and easy to navigate and that people know it is.

• Make sure the process is equipped to support a wider range of suitable applicants for each post.

• Make sure the people administering the process are equipped to do so effectively and efficiently.

The Rationale

• If the process provides a poor applicant experience, or cannot support the diversity we are trying to attract, any new interest will quickly be lost.

• Therefore, in tandem with raising awareness, we need to address the challenges within the process and increase the public’s confidence in it.

• To ensure that equality extends beyond awareness and into application and appointment, the process and the people involved need to welcome and value new and diverse talent, from the application process right through to the boardroom.

Recommended Actions – In summary


Establish a centre of expertise to advise on and administer the public appointments process for the Scottish Government.


Pilot different application and selection methods.


Provide appointment-focused diversity training for everyone involved in the selection process and for all board members. Consider additional training for chairs to help them maximise the benefits of a diverse board.


Revise the Code of Practice to reflect the actions included in - and resulting from - the equal opportunities strategy.


Increase awareness of the openness and fairness of Scotland’s public appointments process.


For updates on this work please refer to the Making Progress section.

Confidence and Capacity